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ITPro ToolKit 2.1

ITPro ToolKit 2.1: Manage Active Directory users and computers. Quickly search Active Directory for users and computers and manage them across the network. IT support tools are centralized into one utility that can administer users and computers in your Active Directory. Search by the display name, username or computer name. Reset passwords, enable or disable accounts, add or remove users from groups, manage computers over the network and much more...

Keynesis Portable Sweeper 1.5: Remove traces of private information left behind on visited computers
Keynesis Portable Sweeper 1.5

and read mail. The Keynesis Portable Sweeper makes sure no personal, private information is left behind on these visited computers. Keynesis designed and developed the Portable Sweeper to address two objectives: 1. To provide a simple and intuitive means to remove personal data left on a visited computer. 2. To provide a tool that will help users maintain and clean their own computers at home and in the office. Portable Sweeper removes and manages

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Active Directory Cleaner 6.2

and clean and remove old user and computer objects within your Microsoft Active Directory environment. There are several administrative functions available for objects queried. Whether you work on the help desk or with Windows network management, Active Directory Cleaner can help make your job easier. Active Directory Cleaner has been designed from the ground up by Windows network administrators and is the perfect compliment to built-in Windows administration

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Specops Gpupdate Professional 2.1: Remote Administration and Network Management with Specops Gpupdate Pro
Specops Gpupdate Professional 2.1

Users and Computers interface into the complete remote administration center. All commands are available with a simple right click. Select computers or OUs to manage through the Active Directory Users and Computers interface or through searches of Active Directory. After executing a command, you receive instant feedback in a graph. Available commands are: update Group Policy (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy), start computers by Wake On Lan (WOL

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Active Directory Cleaner 3.1.4

and secure. With AD Cleaner you can view the list of inactive users, disabled users, locked out users, inactive computers and disabled computers. You can delete, restore, disable, enable or unlock the accounts in bulk. Features: 1. Inactive users and inactive computers accounts has been listed based on the last logon attribute available on all domain controllers. 2. Search – Helps to locate a specific Active Directory Object quickly and accurately

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JiJi AD Bulk Manager 2.0.0: Helps to Create/Modify/Delete users, computers and contacts attributes in bulk.
JiJi AD Bulk Manager 2.0.0

Users Management User Creation, User Modification, Reset Password, Delete Users, Move Users, Export Users. Active Directory Contacts Management Contact Creation, Contact Modification, Delete Contacts, Move Contacts and Export Contacts. Active Directory Computers Management Computer Modification, Delete Computers, Move Computers and Export Computers. Benefits: Export Import Data Using “JiJi AD Bulk Manager”, you can export the data from Active

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Active Directory Plus Based on Microsoft`s Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Plus

and its memberships. But that`s not all. With ADUC+ you can also clean up your Active Directory, search for running Services or Processes across your network, Remote Shutdown any number of computers, find the real last logon time of your users and computers, make an inventory of your Active Directory and export it to excel, txt, printer or bitmap, import and modify in bulk, gather hardware info, list computers and their users, list users and their

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